What happens when you launch Google Chrome for the first time?

Google Chrome for the web has arrived for the first time. The people who dropped a boatload of red ink for Chrome’s box-signing were the Internet users.
We’ve already seen Internet Explorer 7, the online version of Microsoft’s own Explorer, released and thrived, leading the browser ship for many people.
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“We get pretty crazy,” Google Chrome developer Alex Jessey told The Guardian after seeing it in action. “…the speed is super good, and it really acts like you are just sitting on the couch.”
Why is this important? Google wants to position Chrome as an Internet-friendly version of Mac OS X and Windows (called Chrome OS for now) but is planning on eventually moving onto mobile platforms. The people who signed up for the web-friendly version of Chrome will be the lucky people downloading the world’s first Chrome OS device, including an update to the Chrome browser’s security settings.

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Google Chrome for the web. Image: Mashable composite
Does this surprise you? What do you think of Chrome for the web? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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