Diabetes Cure Found in Remote Village – Eat This Everyday To CURE DIABETES Permanently

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[Status ALERT] Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy hosting is down (Probably by Big Pharma)

What if someone told you that they came from a place where “diabetes doesn’t even exist?”

A place whose people were lean, athletic, and a picture
of health…

Even those in their 80s and 90s.

This isn’t science fiction, but rather, science FACT.

Back in 2009, researchers at the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka traveled to a remote jungle village called Dambana, to study the diets of the Vedda tribe.

What they found would eventually become the basis of a groundbreaking remedy that reversed type 2 diabetes in 106-patient trial.

According to the study, there were no cases of diabetes, or even pre-diabetes among the Vedda tribe.

Their blood sugar readings remained stable even after meals.

Diabetes wasn’t something they ever worried about, because they had never even encountered it in their long history.

And based on their findings, the researchers agreed that “there is a very low risk of these Veddas ever developing diabetes.”

So what’s their secret?

Believe it or not, it has everything to do with what might already be in your kitchen.

Simple, common ingredients that allow you to literally eat your way free from diabetes.

Go HERE to learn more about this incredible discovery:

Kevin & Master Lim

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Diabetes Cure Found in Remote Village – Eat This Everyday To CURE DIABETES Permanently


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  1. My blood sugar was 1032 now it’s 130 the thing to know about type 2 diabetes is only plants can cause high blood sugar you don’t get it from meat meat has no glucose stop eating potatoes and wheat that may cure you by itself. Another thing they don’t tell you is it high blood sugar is better than low blood sugar you will go into a coma quick with low blood sugar. At 1032 blood sugar I drove myself to the hospital but I probably couldn’t have done that if my blood sugar have been below 50

  2. I spent 2 years trying to follow a plan to reverse my diabetes… I passed this plan up 2 years ago becasue I thought it would be too hard.. but when my sugar went up 20 points, I got serious… Instead of injecting insulin, I followed the author´s advise and it only took 3 months for my diabetes to be reversed… and.. it’s not as hard as I thought!.

  3. A Great video. Thanks for posting. I was taking Metformin and about a month ago I was prescribed a new medication named Steglatro 15 mg for 7.0 A1C type 2. What do you think of this new medication?

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