Insulin Plant for Diabetes How to Use – Traditional Cure for Diabetes

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Insulin Plant for Diabetes How to Use – Traditional Cure for Diabetes. The Big Diabetes Lie – Real Dr Approved Diabetes Offer: How To use Insulin plant Leaves for diabetes From the research, it is resulted that the best way to process the insulin leaves is by boiling the leaves into water. Put attention in the following steps and description on how to make herbal medicine drink made from insulin leaves which you can get practiced at home by yourselves.
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  1. The mangled English in this video makes it seem less than serious, but I have a friend in the Philippines who swears that continuing treatment with this leaf is treating her mother’s serious diabetic condition with amazing results. Don’t let the mangled translation (probably from Tagalog) and the synthetic voice reading make you laugh at it. The information may well be useful.

    1. Yes, we definitely need to take this seriously since adding honey is such medically sound advice!! When someone offers health advice in such a poor manner, we really do need to use some discernment.

  2. surprisingly being so educated simple things doesn’t know? being important title cannot read or noted bcz dark background n very small letterings really stupidity

  3. Thank you so much for the info. Is there a way to buy seeds or a plant in Arizona, US. ??

    I had already look at Amazon, but for the moment they don’t have.

    1. Ricardo Sandoval Johnston I have this plan in my backyard..and I have lvl2 diabetes so I buy this plan for 500pisos or around 10$ it is easy to grown this plan in my country..seriously if your her nearly in my country I can give you for free one of that plan but sad to say I can’t cos your so far far away☺ I’m from Philippine..

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