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The Big Diabetes Lie Review || Does it work ?
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The Big Diabetes Lie is a comprehensive book, with more than 500 pages that are loaded with essential information in order to reverse type 2 diabetes in only several weeks and without any medications, the book has about 20 chapters which also includes an easy-to-follow 30 day biabetes plan you can use to melt away diabetes with simple yet effective steps.
This program has been created by Max Sidorov. A nutristionist, a fitness trainer and an author who discovered that a particular molecule called LTB4 is behind the systemic inflammation in the body that leads to diabetes. LTB4 is the chemical that triggers insulin resistance

Contents of 7 Steps to Health: The Big Diabetes Lie

The book shows you what foods from your local grocery can help you solve your diabetes issue completely, and get you off medication and insulin injections. The foods suggested in this book have been shown to be twice as effective as those suggested by the American Diabetes Association.
It also details the methods used by a Norwegian doctor,to get his 18000 diabetes patients off of drugs and insulin injections. The types of foods and the amount of recommended are also included. Similarly, these are found in any regular grocery store or local market.
The book also shows you how you can get rid of neuropathic pain as a diabetes patients. 815 of patients who used this method successfully ended their pain as was shown in a study at Loma Linda University.
You will also discover the exact foods and their proportions which work better than Metformin, the best drug used in treating diabetes. These foods will get your blood sugar levels back to normal. These foods were proven to be completely effective in one study at the George Washington School of Medicine.
Another section will also cover a list of foods that we eat every day (at least most of us) and how they can increase the risk of inflammation and diabetes. In normal healthy human beings, these foods, if eaten every day as is the case with the majority of the modern population, can result in a 170% increased risk of inflammation.
You will also learn the reality behind weight loss and diabetes. Counting the number of calories that you have lost is completely pointless when it comes to controlling diabetes. Weight loss exercises are similarly a waste of time and do not help at all to reverse diabetes. Of course, it is still advisable to control your body weight as this is also a preventative measure for diabetes, but it serves no purpose in reversing the cause of type 2 diabetes. The book explains exactly why this is the case.
It also shows you the severe negative impact of sugar on your health and immune system.
Additionally, the book will give you a lot of useful information on other aspects of your health in relation to diet and physical activity that you may have never known and probably will never find out elsewhere. How your immunity is affected by certain specific foods, how to tell what fats are good for your health and which are dangerous and how you can reduce your risk of dying of cancer by 67%. Proven methods of reducing cholesterol levels are also detailed in the book.

The pros

This program is 100% natural that does not include any drug or surgery, also it is risk free without side effect.

Because it can be accessed digitally once you have paid for it, then you will be able to start implementing the new plan as soon as you purchase and can access it from anywhere.
The recipes included are easy to follow and well presented, including an illustration, so you can check whether you have adhered to them.
With a risk free 60 days moneyback guarantee you get to try the product. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the program, you can get refund no questions asked.
Inside this program, you will get the healthy diet plan and the list of the healthy food to follow in daily routine.

You will learn on how to improve your thyroid function by adding the essential minerals into your diet.

This method is really cheap and highly-affordable when compared to the medication and any other types of treatmtement

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