The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes

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The first big lie is that Type 2 Diabetes is chronic and progressive. The second lie is that treatment of blood sugar is the primary target of therapy.

The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes


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  1. This makes me feel like crying. The global situation is so desperate and yet every day medical professionals are perpetuating the advancement of the disease and contributing to the deterioration of their patients. We need to take a very serious stand against protocols based on flawed studies and profit hungry drug companies.

    1. Sorry Jason, but fasting when you’re T2DM is anything but easy. You can’t get that „energy“ for days of overwhelming hunger due to failure of ketosis. This is because the liver’s gluconeogenesis is in overdrive feeding you carbs whether you want them or not. Even if you do manage to become ketotic by the end of the day you have to start from square one thanks to the dawn effect.

    2. Bridgette Allan In US most med is owned by corporations who are in it for profit. There is no profit in a perfectly healthy population. There is only profit in chronic treatment, which means deliberately keeping people sick. In fact many of the meds are designed to make you really sick, such as Cipro/Leviquin, which now have class action lawsuits. Same with banks. Too much prosperity is bad for the loan business so central banks manipulate the economy to keep prices high, and wages low. Mass immigration for example achieves both. If people are kept poor they are forced to get loans. Corporations are truly evil. They will hurt and kill people for profit if that is what it takes.

    3. DowskiVision MagicalOracle Read Zaidi’s book. Eventually the Dawn Effect goes away if you fast long enough. Once the liver is emptied, its excess fat goes away, as well as a fatty pancreas, and things return to normal. Just takes a while. You will be tired during this time but once it returns to normal, energy levels go way up. Part of the chronic tiredness is the liver trying to dump its excess glycogen constantly while the eater keeps packing in more sugar due to high carbs. If you’ve ever had that diabetic sweet taste in your mouth while you have fatty liver, this is why. Also see Ken Berry’s vid on fatty pancreas. Assuming of course its not something more serious such as Type 1 or pancreatic cancer.

    4. +Bike Vids They’re not evil, they’re profit-oriented and amoral. The fundamental difference to keep in mind when dealing with them is that they will not do evil if it results in losses (or a risk of losses) to them.

    5. Bike Vids , I moved my money from a bank to a federal credit union. Credit unions are non-profits. If the credit union has a financial advisor on staff, you can move your non-retirement plan, college education savings account, and non-retirement investment money to the credit union, too.

      A lot of investment companies have, like banks, become publicly-traded corporations. Vanguard is one investment company that doesn’t trade its stock on the stock market. Instead, Vanguard sells its stock to its own Vanguard mutual funds. Thus, the clients are also the stockholders. There might be other investment companies that do likewise. I am not a financial advisor. So, do not invest in anything that I say; instead, consult your financial advisor.

  2. Jason, It worked for me! I was diagnosed a few months ago but I couldn’t accept it since I don’t have any diabetics in my family. I didn’t want to take any medications so I followed your advice. I started a „strict“ carb diet for a few weeks only (that’s all it needed) and manged to drop my blood sugar from 170+ down to between 98 and 116. I’m continuing with my diet and checking my bl. sugar as often as possible just in case. THANK YOU SO MUCH

    1. zahria Try a one meal a day salad diet. One big salad for breakfast, no oil, half an avocado, mustard, half a tomato, one small teaspoon of peanut butter, a small handful of nuts like pecans. One large cup of coffee with Soy milk. NO DAIRY since one glass of cow’s milk has 9g of sugar. NO FRUIT, NO CARBS, NONE. And then nothing else for 24 hours. Do that for 6 mos or a year. Also exercise. Get them a bike, and ride 10-15mi/day every other day, and walk 5 miles alternate days. Just stop eating. Carbs, fruit, sugar, cream, milk will make it far far worse. None whatsoever. It takes a while for it to reverse. A year or two.

    2. Bike Vids , thank you for the eating plan suggestion. Unfortunately, some of us wouldn’t be able to follow a LCHF vegan plan. We would end up with nutritional deficiencies: vitamin K2, creatine, and about 6 more nutrients. I buy animal products (eggs, meat, poultry, etc.) that are from grass-fed animals because grass-fed means they got to enjoy life in a pasture and they will be a source of vitamin K2.

      For LCHF omnivores, the banting diet green list is a good list from which to choose:

  3. I’m really so disappointed by all doctors I have met till now. 
    They all had recommended to increasing insulin. This is completely devastating. The problem is how to persuade my husband about this miracle issue.

  4. I love the little WTF on the ADA label….I laughed so hard…truth be told I figured this out on my own..I was diagnosed with diabetes 6 mos ago with a fasting BG of 386 (ouch)…I tried the ADA diet for about a Month…which funny enough was not much different then the way I had been eating before diagnosis ..I always loved my veggies and HATED white bread…..after a month of realizing my BG wasn’t doing what I needed to do…I just decided to cut out what was causing my spikes..all of the bread, pasta, rice, starchy veggies…well I basically went keto…Life is good..I love my diet..I am losing weight (50 pounds so far)..and my BG is finally doing what I need it to do…I will now introduce intermittent fasting on 2 days a week….Thank you for being the voice of reason….huggles

    1. holmes I ate massive carb sugar diet every day for breakfast without realizing it – 5 bowls of cereal and a huge plate of fruit. Sure enough, after a few decades, diabetes. Once I cut the cereal and fruit completely, after a few months it went away. Carb/sugar/fat packing is the cause.

    2. IF is easy when your eating keto. I’ve worked myself up to daily 20 hour fasts & I’m rarely hungry. We have to lose our fear of eating the healthy fats.

    3. Very motivating story. Keep us updated. My dad has been suffering from diabetes for about 5 years now. I just got him to start intermittent fasting. Hopefully it helps

    4. I did the same I figured it out two years ago. However, what I was doing wrong was fasted at the wrong time of day and I still was eating a lot of carbohydrates. See fasting is nothing to me as child my mother had us fasting for 12 hours a day for 2 or 3 weeks for religion reason. Also, while serving in the Army there would be sometime you don’t get to eat at right time. You get up at 5am and eat breakfast around 6am. sometimes the next meal you get to eat would be around 2pm or 3pm. Then that may just be MRE. So, going with out eat for long periods of time was nothing for me. I had to figured out I can go without eating breakfast and eat around 1pm or 2pm the first meal of the day. My diabetes was never too bad because I stop eating or drinking anything with sugar years ago. I had to look at a few of these video to know too many Carbs was not good.

  5. This is a very good talk. If you dont understand what Fung is saying, watch it again until you understand what he is saying. The real proof is fasting diets cure diabetes and ‚drugs‘ never cures it, period. Also the foie gras is a great example of the process of how diabetes happens.

  6. This is epic for it is the story of Jason, the Juggernauts of Antiglycemic Agents and the Hyperglycemic Paradigm, and the recovery of the Golden Fleece in the form of regaining Insulin Sensitivity… for Jason does nothing less than show us there is no need to slay the Glycemic Goliath…when all that is needed is just stop jousting giants and see them as the windmills of insulin resistance…

    1. Wow, what a poetic description of this brave doctor; thanks for putting your classical literature hat on to pay homage to Jason!

  7. Thanks Jason – Very insightful please read reply

    In my last visit to the doctors 12 weeks ago, the diabetes specialist advised that go on insulin because the medication was not working. I was on Glimperide 3 tablets daily on the highest dose.

    Since watching your videos I have lost 12 kilos in 12 weeks and come off my medication.  My sugars are 7.2 and sometimes they are 7 in the morning.  Previously when taking medication sugars were were 11s and 12.

    I was considering taking metformin what are your thoughts?  I am intermittently fasting 16 hours with an 8 hour feeding window. Do you think my Sugars will fall even more even after 12 weeks making improvements?  
    I definitely have had good results.  
    How long should it take in totality to get my blood sugars back to normal?  
    Would you recommend taking metformin?  
    Please give your thoughts….
    Any other thoughts welcome

    1. Sorry Jason, but fasting when you’re T2DM is anything but easy. You can’t get that „energy“ for days of overwhelming hunger due to failure of ketosis. This is because the liver’s gluconeogenesis is in overdrive feeding you carbs whether you want them or not. Even if you do manage to become ketotic by the end of the day you have to start from square one thanks to the dawn effect.

    2. If you adopt a well-formulated ketogenic diet, it is possible to lower serum insulin to a level that permits stored fat to be metabolized. The trick is to wait out the initial period during which the mitochondria stop metabolizing glucose and start metabolizing fatty acids, instead. At that point, fasting becomes much simpler, because the body can draw on its excess fat to support the metabolism. Gluconeogenesis is a demand-driven process, so the liver won’t produce any more glucose than the brain and certain other organs need. The goal is not actually to get into ketosis, ketosis is a step towards fat-adaptation.

    1. Sorry Jason, but fasting when you’re T2DM is anything but easy. You can’t get that „energy“ for days of overwhelming hunger due to failure of ketosis. This is because the liver’s gluconeogenesis is in overdrive feeding you carbs whether you want them or not. Even if you do manage to become ketotic by the end of the day you have to start from square one thanks to the dawn effect.

    2. Thanks for the Video! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you thought about – Patlarny Diabetes Ruins Principle (google it)? It is a great one of a kind guide for destroying diabetes minus the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my GF after many years got excellent results with it.

    3. frank Actually don’t put that past them – they put Kevin Trudeau in prison for 10 years on trumped up charges because he exposed FDA/Big Pharma collusion in his book More Natural Cures.

    4. @DowskiVision MagicalOracle Don’t attempt to fast until you are fully fat-adapted, which takes six to eight weeks on a well-formulated ketogenic diet, and sometimes even longer. There is no point trying to fast while your mitochondria are still in glycolytic mode.

  8. so the bottom line is.
    instead of having more insulin to get rid of the sugar,why not eat less sugar.
    makes sense to me.
    why don’t they all know this?

    1. 1. Most info that is „standard“ in the industry came from incorrect conclusions out of previous studies, while not connecting the dots.

      2. It’s a whole lot easier to throw a pill at the problem than to suggest to a T2D that they need to change their diet and lifestyle. Most won’t do it.

    1. In the future??  This Low Carb , intermittent fasting treatment is based on Time Tested Methods. The Future is always about rediscovering the past. New usually means more problems to iron out.

    2. I am so grateful to Dr. Jason Fung for being a stand up guy…. For speaking truth to power!!!! I am a nurse and I am really upset that Doctors have not really looked at the research!!! It is obvious that the old treatments are ineffectual and harmful! Thank you to Dr. Fung for his courage and integrity!

    3. tdreamgmail , diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, and some other illnesses are all part of metabolic syndrome and treated the same way: LCHF (low carbohydrate, high healthful fats) and therapeutic fasting. Go ahead and eat cholesterol. We evolved eating animal fats (cholesterol, etc.).

      Scientist and professor Dr Tim Noakes explains metabolic syndrome:

      In other YouTube videos, Dr. Noakes gives info about high blood pressure. Also, watch YouTube videos by Dr. Eric Berg. Dr. Berg is a chiropractor, but studies nutrition, too.

  9. ALOT of what he says sounds right to me!!!  I eat almost no sugar at all, almost no carbs at all, walk dayly, and ONLY us insulin when I must. witch is rare. Ive lost 35 lbs. so far. Dr.s keep wantin you to DEPEND on meds…. THE GOAL is to be off meds for me.  I will say lots of water is best and lots of greens.! The system wants you to be dependent on them, Witch is why I believe diabetes is a man made illness with how they process everything and store everything now days. that’s not normal to store or freeze your food 6 mounths b4 you eat it. Get off that insulin ASAP if you can SAFELY!! I will deff try the fasting 1 day a week also and see how that plays out.  NEVER forget how much M$N$y they make off that insulin!!!!!!!!!!! Ofcourse BIG PHARM wants hundreds of millons hooked on it.!! People use to starve all the time during the dark ages and the great depression….   Its not going to kill you to skip a few meals… But depending on meds to survive just may… In my opinion…. I needed a Diff hobby besides eating…. Now I walk drink water and chew gum!!!  (sugar free) and (extreamlly low carb)

    1. Robert Sheehan The food supply is positioned by food corporations to make people sick to send them to medical corporations which make a profit, so they can sell you chronic drugs by big pharma so they can make more drug profits.

    2. +Bike Vids Hence the name – Food and Drug Administration – FDA. Otherwise, why should food and drugs be controlled by the same government department? Makes you think.

  10. Thank you dr. Fung. Your system really works. I dropped from a FBS of 30 to 5.5 within 3 weeks. My doctor wanted to put me on insulin but I refused and went on your low carb diet. I will keep on with the diet until I am diabetes free.

  11. The food causes the problem, we use the problem to treat the symptoms but do nothing for the cause, authority tells you the problem is progressive and chronic all the while the treatment they prescribe makes it so. This is a vicious cycle that our entire food/pharm/medical industry is built upon for profit. The solution is do not eat the food that causes the problem. So simple but effective. But wait – you have to eat – so when you do, eat the correct food. It’s your choice, your life. Thank God for people like Dr. Fung.

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