AVOID Paid Survey SCAMS + The BEST Legit Paid Survey Sites!


How to avoid paid survey scams online plus few top legitimate
sites to join and get paid to take surveys

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Video Guide
1.Sites that charge fees @4:27
2.Reviews @4:59
3.Payment Proofs @5:51
4.Social Fan Page @6:24
5.Method of Payments @7:02
6.High Minimum Payments @7:09

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AVOID Paid Survey SCAMS + The BEST Legit Paid Survey Sites!


52 Kommentare

  1. Hi. What do you think of focus groups? Are there any legitimate groups for participation in the New York City area? Thank you for your great videos.👍

    1. Good question, Paul Rochman. I don’t think the e-mail address needs to be „gmail,“ though. I don’t recall her saying that it needed to be.

  2. as for reviews, 99% of the „reviews you find for survey sites, are so sites targeting the keywords „is such n such a scam, is such n such legit,“ etc, and they post links to the affiliate program so they get paid when you sign up… much like the links given below this post

  3. If you see anyone posting links to websites or making ridiculous claims about some money system they came across , do not click on it or visit their site/link. More than likely it will be a scam or a virus!! Only visit the links I post below this video! I get alot of spammers who come to my channel unfortunately.

    1. I have send document to verify my account and they send my account has been verify and activated but still can’t have access to the account and payment not still made.

    2. send your complaints to the company. Have you notified them of the issue? If so what did they say? Never heard of them not paying out unless they suspect fraudulent activity then they may take their time to investigate. Just email them.

  4. You can take fast food surveys from your receipts given at the drive-thru window and get free food. Arby’s, checkers, White Castles, are just a few.

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