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  1. sorry guys but Patric isn’t a scammer, he atleasts answers your emails whenever you have any type of question, unlike every other scammer i was scammed by, and also provides you with great learning videos, products, and ebooks, Thank you Patric, and for those of you calling him a scammer obviously you never been scammed before or you are the scammer

    1. +Alex P thanks Alex, I tried to follow you to get software but wasn’t able to, if you can please help me I would greatly appreciate it, also what about the money I paid for that program,I paid iver $100 for it I hope I have access to the program but it does explain why he never answers my emails, although I have been trying to reach him for approximately 5 months and after being ignored my emails are getting more and more unfriendly, look forward to hearing from you soon and thanks again

    2. Yes A SCAM! basically you pay $97 for an affiliate marketing program link that pays you a smaller percentage than you would get than if you joined a free affiliate marketing platform for free, if you would like more information or have any questions please feel free to ask me, I have been scammed by the best even the famous guru’s like EWAN Chia, and EWAN Chan, DON’T LOSE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS YOU WORKED HARD FOR TO AN ONLINE SCAM, EVERY PROGRAM, PRODUCT, WHATEVER ONLINE OPPORTUNITY YOU LOOK INTO TO MAKE EXTRA MONEY WILL SOUND EASY AND GREAT, BE CAREFUL MOST ARE SCAMS,BUT THERE ARE LEGIT PEOPLE AND PROGRAMS, ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK

  2. Is this really easy enough to understand like it is told to u I j ust no these work from Home business the way the this one made out to be is u only do a few things and it dose the rest is this really true

  3. Thanks patrc Chan for this great business offer !
    Please know more about Patric Chan before commenting.
    This system is not a scam !!!

  4. People are always negative!!! Know your facts before you state anything as a scam. Everybody think everything is a scam because you have to pay for a system that works!

    1. Usually all marketers , pretend they know about the system they are promoting , but in fact they read the sales page and they are recreating one very rough review according to the sales page. In fact they don’t know nothing about the product they are promoting and in few words they say bunch of lies trying to catch some quick buck and even worse they can promote and scams too without knowing it.Years ago I was promoted one product with name „affiliate niche empire“ from Sean Donahoe , I have purchased the product and I had screenshots from the members area , regardless I never made any sale , but I never created fake website reviews. Even if I was promoted another one product from Sean Donahoe , I asked him to give me access to his product to do a review.

  5. are these „secret links are going to be mine“??? i mean.. can i advertise them in adwords display campaing? if not… what type of ads do you use?? thanks

  6. At first I was skeptical but it actually works! follow the simple techniques and put the work in. Nothing in life is easy trust me.

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