Don’t Buy ClickBank University

Don’t Buy Clickbank University

Don’t buy Clickbank University by Adam Horowitz, Justin Allen, and Matt Hulett launched in November. It costs $47 a month, has a yearly upsell for $297 and another upsell for $97. Upsells are basically to help the product perform better, yet at $47 a month I would expect the product to be performing without upsells! This is a training module that helps you take your passion and make money online with it! It claims to have made millionaires with its product.


If you don’t have a passion, but want to make money online, try this out, it is free and it gives you free marketing training. It is Instant Payday Network by Jeff Buchanan and it markets Fortune 500 Companies offers which pay you money through their big advertising budgets! Once you complete the offers for the Fortune 500 Companies, you have access to the backoffice of Instant Payday Network.

You will receive free marketing trainings, free facebook group support page with additional trainings, and free marketing tools. These tools every internet marketer needs and would cost an additional $500 per year. The tools are a capture page, hosting, and an autoresponder. You would also get my contact information and I would be your sponsor and mentor. I will send you emails with motivational quotes, trainings, and 2 webinar trainings per week of which I am on the panel.

None of this costs you money, you will need to put some time and effort into this business to market. I average around 3 hours 6 days a week. Click the link below and find out more! Don’t forget to fill out the offers!

Don't Buy ClickBank University


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    1. I have seem a ton of crap on the internet for over 20 years now. You can’t go wrong with honesty, integrity, and a sense of humor in this industry.

    2. +rainman Well, that is very true!  They all make that claim, don’t they.  I have never seen one that advertises, „If you buy our program, you might make money, but probably not….“  🙂

      However, I remember a lecture I attended by Charlie „Tremendous“ Jones several years ago.  The most important thing he has learned in all of his years in business was that…“NOTHING WORKS!!!!!“

      He went on to say that YOU have to work!  It is incumbent upon us to take the information and MAKE IT WORK–to get so fired up that we take the bull by the horns in whatever business we’re in and squeeze the money out of it!

      So, I encourage you, in whatever business that you’re passionate about, to wring out the benefit of it.  To excel  at it. To learn it inside and out!  And just get everything that you can attain out of it.  And help others to achieve that same success!  Wishing you all the best in your endeavors.

    1. I dabbled a bit in Bigkabang a think it’s similar. I  was able to produce $120 in the first 2 weeks. It’s going to be one of my upcoming shows. I will have to give payday network a shot. Is that your affiliate link in the description box?

    1. Hi Keith.  Well, if you are an advanced Internet marketer, the information may have seemed to be rudimentary.  However, I think you need to take into consideration that this is intended for a broad audience including those who have never used Clickbank at all.  So, yes, if you are already knowledgeable in the subject matter it might seem like a waste.  If you can get past the basic info, I still think they provide some good pointers (even for someone in the intermediate category) and excellent information and some excellent tools.  Do you have a program that you recommend?

    2. +Patrick Taylor  I don’t know, they didn’t seem professional or prepared.  If all the modules would have been available, I may have stuck it out. There was a lot of dead air. I’ve been working with product creators for years but you never know when you are going to pick up on a new strategy.

      Have you tried ? You will need to register but it is free and they don’t bombard you with offers. They give you 38 free training videos. If you are intermediate or advanced you can still find a couple of gems in their training. Frank Kern, Jeff Johnson and Jeff Walker all have YouTube channels. You may have to dig through them to find the best content. You may also want to check out Shawn Collin’s channel. He runs Affiliate Summit and there are some great videos for advanced marketers. You also want to check out Mike Filsaime’s channel. He’s does some great presentations and really digs deep into strategies.

      I’m probably in a unique position that I’m a product creator, affiliate and consultant to both. I may end up creating my own course. I’m sure I can do better than CBU and I’ll probably sell a lifetime membership for $299 or so.

    3. Great info!  Thanks.  I will definitely check these out.  When you come out with your training let me know.  Maybe I can promote it to my list and become a JV partner with you!!

    4. +Patrick Taylor Do you have a social media account I can message you through? You can message me through

  1. I think You are forgetting what ClickBank University is all about, It’s a TOOL to create Your own ClickBank products, probably the BEST TOOL ever created !!..Just Drag and drop, which is great for everyone who is not an expert on website creation and clickbank product creation, all clean and nice, all in one place, and the best part is it’s created by CLICKBANK, so the approval of Your product is easier. So, It can only benefit to the community because it allows many people to create a clickbank product of whatever they are god at..Thumbs up from my side to the ClickBank university program !

  2. I had the sense to find a free landing page builder plus a free autoresponder. not only that, but when I turned to Clickbank University, I also had the sense to decline the upsell, and they STILL didn’t let me down.

    1. I am a complete beginner.. I don’t even have my website..
      But I want to be part of this business..
      Should I go for Click Bank University 2.0 ?
      Let me know please..

  3. Hey, if you trying to create a business online or try to win somebody over to what you are advertising, the worst thing to do is to knock another business. I certainly would not want to do business with you if this is the way you go about it

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