How To Make Money With CB Passive Income


How To Make Money With CB Passive Income 3.0 Review-
I'm going to talk about CB Passive Income 3.0

Imagine if you didn't need to write or produce any unique content.

You didn't need to create any products to sell.

You didn't need to write up any sales letters.

You didn't need to provide any customer service or follow up support.

But instead, just focus on ONE simple task and create a passive income?

The author of this, Patrick Chan has also spoken to audiences in 11 countries and has authored several books on similar subjects.

In one of his books, he co-authored it with the brilliant – Robert G.Allen, the New York Times best-selling author.

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So How Does It Work?

When you become a member in CB Passive Income 3.0, you will instantly have access to almost everything you need to start a business. CB Passive Income 3.0 may seem like a very complicated system that involves a lot of work on your end. However, the only thing that you really need to do is give away a free quality report. That's IT! After you have given away the free report, Patrick and his team will do the rest for you. The next step for you is to give away another free report to another person then rinse and repeat.

Why you should join CB Passive Income 3.0-

As a member of CB Passive Income 3.0, you will have all of these or free!
1. A top notch web page that has been tested to convert at 50%
2. An attractive free offer that will entice visitors to subscribe.
3. Free hosting
4. Once visitors have opted in, Patrick's auto responder will do all the work for you
5. Crafted emails and more free reports will be emailed out to this list with your unique code. This means all promotions will have your very own Clickbank ID in them. So when the people in this list buys a product, you get the commission.

You see, this system is actually quite simple. The reason why it is so powerful is because you are leveraging Patrick's credibility and services. Of course you can just create a squeeze page, get some opt ins and promote products yourself. However, this is very time consuming and your subscriber list would not know who you are. On top of that, email marketing is one of the hardest method to sell anything. If you do not give enough value, don't know how to craft compelling emails and know the exact timing on when to promote. Most likely, you will have more unsubscribes then sales.

Additional Training

CB Passive Income's members will also have access to some unique traffic courses. Some of these training includes:

1. Youtube Marketing, which includes everything you need to know from ranking on Google to ranking on Youtube.
2. Learn how to combine Youtube videos to other social medias and get lots of traffic. This includes Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Squidoo and heaps more.
3. Solo ads
4. Facebook Marketing
5. Guest blogging
6. Press release
7. StumbleUpon
8. Forum Marketing and heaps more

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How To Make Money With CB Passred 3.0,Does CB Passive Income


How To Make Money With CB Passive Income

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