Real and Legitimate Surveys For Money


… for a very long time I was fooled by widely available legitimate paid surveys reviews that supposed to give me access to survey panels that offer surveys for money.

I wanted to make some money with these incredibly easy and well paying surveys… so why I couldn't make any?! I signed up for all "the best" and recommended survey sites… and I could not make a dime! I wasted dozens of hours taking hundreds of surveys and I almost gave up.

It was all a lie… but what was the lie? Was the promise of making money with legitimate surveys a lie?… or was the direction I was steered to a lie? Both, to a degree, with the bigger lie towards where, then to how much.

Lets talk about how much first. I have seen promises of $50, $75 or even $90 per survey! So why I couldn't get any?! It's because they are very rare! Making someone believe EVERY survey will pay that much is an out right lie! Most surveys pay $1 to $5. That doesn't meant that $5 is bad, but how will it make you feel when someone told you, you will get $90 for a survey and all you'll get is $5? Where did the $85 go?! You will feel cheated, that's how you'll feel. So did I. Its a scam you'll say… but it's not entirely true.

It is survey sites fault (it is), especially the bad once! They often pay recruiters for new members, because they cant retain their existing members. Why? Because they don't pay them. They hang a sweepstake at front of them and ask them to try to win it. More surveys you'll do, more sweepstake entries you'll get… and that's most likely all you'll ever get. All that time to influence the future… and maybe strike gold with improbable sweepstake win. For sure you will change the future of the survey panel you work for (for free). You will help them make a lot of money. After all market research is a $50 billion (with the B) per year industry!

Greed of bad survey panels ruins it for all survey sites because they pay for new members and they have no influence on what techniques are being used by recruiters. They will tell you what you want to hear, just to get you to sign up. They get paid regardless if you'll be happy or get disappointed and quit after a week or two. They will get paid regardless! They have no interest in being honest, or knowledgeable for that matter. They need literally zero survey experience to post a review.

I am very curious how many people will read this, let me know if you did. If you did, congrats on being serious and doing your research. Best of luck!

Real and Legitimate Surveys For Money


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    1. I lost few good sites, like Opinion Outpost use to be very good, not anymore. Surveyhead use to be great, no more Surveyhead. OnlyCashSurveys panel was great, no more OnlyCashSurveys. It is harder to make money these days, still possible. The only steady sites for me so far are Inspired Opinions aka Schlesinger Associates and

  1. I’ve been doing surveys for several years. If you expect to make 300 a month you’re either sitting in front of a monitor 18 hours a day or you’re running a bot that will eventually get caught. The referrals dry up quick but that’s how you make most of the money on the front end.

  2. I really loved this, in case is not one you knew of, you should check out Pinceone Research. I always wondered why no survey reviewer mentioned, it. Ya really opened my eyes on the fact, why would they post it if they didn’t benefit. Like Pincone, no referral checks. I plan to check out the website, though I really enjoyed this video. New subscriber. And it was more than refreshing to just have someone say what they came to say, no corney jokes or colorful backgrounds. Thanks for taking the time to post!

  3. I would like to apologize to all that asked me questions and I never responded. I just went through all comments and I noticed many real questions. What I mean by real? 98% of all comments were SPAM. It became so annoying that I completely stopped visiting this video to see if anyone has any questions. Well, my absence did discourage spammers, and they stopped trying to post their junk under my video, but it also neglected real viewers. For that I am very sorry.

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