I was SO BLOATED! It got so bad I took it seriously and in one day I went from having a bloating belly to feeling relief. Here I talk about the foods to reduce bloating quickly, how to get a flat stomach again, as well as the other bloating hacks I used to fix bloating fast!

*This video is not sponsored. I paid for everything in this video myself*

I messed up. Every day I abused my hair to the point that it was like straw. But after years of experimenting, I feel like I am close to having my curly hair looking how I want and want to share my experiments with you that I'm doing every week. I'm sharing my curly hair journey, curly hair routines, what I eat in a day videos, tutorials, and product reviews every Thursday and Saturday.

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    1. That sounds awesome! I love dandelion greens. I’ve never tried the root before, I feel like that would be so cleansing! I want to find that in Thailand!

    2. That sounds awesome! I love dandelion greens. I’ve never tried the root before, I feel like that would be so cleansing! I want to find that in Thailand!

    3. Probably there was a lot of sodium in your takeout/ restaurant food. That leads to bloating too. I would also recommend hot lemon water to reduce bloating, that always helps me!

    4. Cheers for the Video! Excuse me for the intrusion, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you researched – Dinanlinson Belly Secret Approach (google it)? It is a great exclusive guide for learning how to get an amazing toned beach ready belly minus the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my friend got great success with it.

    5. Amanda Bicket the reason you stomach was almost flat with that lil curve is because of the belly you used to have, the next day it was fine because your stomach got used to it

    1. It’s the worst feeling! On the bright side, I kind of appreciate getting a little bloated. It’s a good reminder for me to get back on track. If I didn’t feel bad sometimes then I wouldn’t know I had something to work on. I think it’s kind of a blessing in a way!

    2. Amanda Bicket that’s true! I knew I had to chill with the bread when I realized for the past three days all my meals had bread in it and that’s probably.. maybe… definitely why I was bloating 😂😭

    3. Bread makes me bloat so bad! Except for that bread I talk about in my Savannah and Vancouver What I Eat in a days. That sprouted bread is awesome. I still wouldn’t want to have more than a few slices every few days though. It would be the same problem as the rice, sprouted or not!

    1. I didn’t know your baby was 18 months 😍 so close to Niya’s age! Option is still available to have a play date in Thailand if you want to come? 😂

    2. Weird Right? I found you on Instagram after I cracked and rejoined after a couple years off. I followed you because my sister is recently shaved her curly hair off and I wanted her to see your regrowth photo’s and you were preggo at the same time as me…only on a beach surrounded by wild flowers.

    3. That’s amazing! TBH I’m pretty happy I was postpartum surrounded by wild flowers instead of snow but I’m not trying to rub it in! I swear! 😂

  1. Like this past year I’ve been experiencing a lot of bloating and I have no idea why. I haven’t really changed the way I eat and I drink the same amount of water. I think I’ve developed a food allergy to bananas ._. I’ve never had this before! And every time I eat a banana there goes my stomach.
    But I was watching another video another girl made on bloating and I think part of the reason I’m bloating is due to the birth control I was on.

    1. Oh wow, that’s tough because bananas are so tasty! But if it were me I would find a replacement. I went a few weeks without eating any bananas. Just used mangoes as the base of my smoothie. Same sort of texture and it was even more flavorful so not a bad thing at all! And birth control gave me so many problems myself, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it has something to do with it for you!

  2. Yes bloating is so gross 🤮 Thanks for sharing. I love vegetables 🌽🥦🌶🥒🍠need to eat them daily and increase water intake also . Thanks Amanda

    1. I’m glad you liked the video Wanda! I made this video partially to remind myself too! I should play it once a week to remind myself to not get more rice or bread than veggies. Always more veggies and water 😂

  3. OMGERD! Like giiiiiiiirl…me too! I have eliminated all „whites“ from my diet and focus on the colors of the rainbow in my food selection! THOSE with color are the foods with the most nutrients! and…it looks perdy on the plate! =P YUM! GREAT video and sorry haven’t posted on the others you have done, sweetie! Sooooo busy here with family in from Europe. =) Also, still waiting for the rice soap I ordered on Amazon…can’t wait to use it! Love you guys and take care! <3

    1. That’s awesome Robin! Definitely perdy on the plate for sure 😂 That’s amazing about your family from Europe! I hope you all have a wonderful time! Big hugs from Thailand! 🤗 I hope your rice soap comes soon so you can give it a try! Love you!

    1. I have thought I was pregnant a few times because things are kind of ambiguous after Niya was born. I never really know what’s going on!

    1. You’re welcome Sheen! 💜 My bloat was definitely intense before baby but it’s so much worse now haha 😂 I guess the body is just super excited to make more babies lol

  4. More weight related videos would be nice.. I need to loose some weight 🙁 Im have been ashamed of myself for so long. Now im in a serious relationship and my self consciousness is hurting it. Sorry again for going on.
    I’m not skinny, but Im usually ALWYS bloated. Since I was about 11 years old. There have been times I would cry. Especially when I would put clothes on and they were tight because of my bloated tummy. It was like I was pregnant :/
    Rarely Im not bloated. When Im not bloated, there is a big difference in how I look. My stomach is much smaller and I feel much better. Im so scared to eat or drink anything because I don’t want the pregnant tummy again.
    Anyway, thank you for this video.

    1. your just fine and also beautiful ❤️ I had to try on my cheer uniform today and I almost cried. I wear an adult small but in uniforms I wear an adult L and ofc I’m not saying anything wrong with Adult large but I was just really sad bc everyone on my cheer team is very small and it makes me sad

    1. I know, I used to have epic second trimester bloating even before giving birth to Niya, but it’s definitely easier to get a big bloat now. I really do see it as a blessing though. I see a bloat, and instantly realize that what I ate/drank earlier is not working and I need to make a change. No bloat, then how would I know?! 😂

  5. Hey girl hey…sorry but i have a question….other people recomend drinking a lot of water instead of eating sooo i did that…but the problem is that i force my body to consume so much water that in the night i always vomit YELLOW every night for almost 3 months straight…idk plz help this is getting bad 🙁

  6. Im so scared cause im bloating since 3/4 days and I want my flat stomach back!!! I feel like I’ll never get my stomach to be flat again it’s so scary and I also gain 3lbs like in 2 days

  7. My stomach is always bloated after lunch/dinner. But in the morning it’s always very flat. I don’t know why it’s always so extremely bloated, it hurts sometimes. So annoying. I’ll try to eat less noodles and rice, and more veggies to see if it’ll help. Thank you for the advice 🤔

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