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Lean Belly Breakthrough is brand new weight loss program, created by a popular health and fitness author and speaker Bruce Krahn. The methods shared within the program includes 2-minute rituals which are designed to lose the fat around the belly and improve health by means of meal plans, lifestyle changes and easy to follow exercise regimen. It is specifically designed for anyone age 35 years old and above, who would like to lose belly fat and at the same time prevent or reduce the risks of heart attack, type 2 diabetes and joint problems. Learn more by reading our Lean Belly Breakthrough Review and find out if this product is the one that is right for you.

What is Lean Belly Breakthrough?

Lean Belly Breakthrough by Bruce is a weight loss program composed of 2-minute rituals that can help remove the fat around your belly – the visceral fat that is responsible for increasing your risk of type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. These rituals do not require any strenuous workouts, prescription pills and exercise gadgets in order to lose weight. Instead, it will show you how to reduce the harmful plaque from your arteries, which is mostly caused by cholesterol and fatty substances.

It is a program proposed by a doctor named “Dr. Heinrick,” which addresses the one true underlying cause of heart disease, diabetes and abdominal fat gain. It is composed of meal plans, lifestyle changes and 5 natural body movements that when done properly, causes your body to naturally restore itself, fix your other health issues and lose pounds of fat. It also contains the exercise program created by Bruce, the 60 Second Belly Fat Shred, a simple to follow video workout that can help melt away 1-3 inches from your waistline in just a few days.

Lean Belly Breakthrough Download consists of the main manual and 6 bonus materials which provide tracking sheets, libido boosting and ab-friendly dessert recipes, fat loss meal plans and other helpful informative materials. The eBook manuals are in PDF format, which can be download, read through your tablet, mobile phone and personal computer, and can also be printed, whichever way you want it to be read. It is designed in a step-by-step and easy to read manner, to ensure you completely understand what you are doing, the reason why you are doing it and actionable steps to reach your goals.
Who is this Product For?

Bruce Khran’s product targets men and women who are 35 years of age and above, and are concerned about heart disease, type 2 diabetes, declining energy levels, losing weight around the belly area, declining sex drive, age-related hormonal imbalances, high blood pressure, joint problems and other health issues related to the increase in fat surrounding the internal organs.

This program is not only created for those people who only want to lose weight because of health problems, but it is also made for those who want to learn the early signs, triggering factors and real causes of heart disease, stomach fat, diabetes and other related diseases that commonly occurs for people over 35 years of age.

This program is also built for those who want to have a complete list of simple foods, natural herbs, spices, nutrients and natural body movements, which does not require heavy lifting or vigorous exercise, in order to lose weight around their bellies.

Lean Belly Breakthrough has also put together some preventive measures for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and arthritis, so that even if people over 35 years old have not yet experienced these deadly diseases, they can be able to correct it before it gets worse.

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  1. your video is one small step better than most of the „..belly breakthroughs..“ but it’s still ALL about getting people to sign up and sell them information.
    If anybody wanted to truly help- they’d actually share the VITAL info.
    For me, I’d tell most people- it is a matter of discipline, movement and eating more raw, unprocessed and toxic foods. I love incorporating healing herbs, teas and plants such as green tea extract into our daily rituals.
    But so far, most of you guys get an F for sharing true, helpful info.

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