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Lean Belly Breakthrough Review | Truth Exposed


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  1. This is the best format for showing what you have.  I tried to check out Nutisystems and it was all about getting my money and I could not figure what was actually being sold.  They think you are going to just buy and think later.  2 protien shakes and a smart frozen dinner and all the friut and vegtables you can eat  will just peel off the pounds and the more you exercise (even an hour a day) it works.

  2. Appriciate your review – up sell down sell – and the generic info this ‚program‘ has but Bud you aree jumping all over the place with your info

  3. Thanks. It took you a long time to say what we were probably all thinking: where is the 2-minute ritual??! The answer is: Nowhere. Doesn’t exist. Their sales pitch is bordering on fraudulent because he keeps saying „in a couple of minutes I’m going to give you the 2-minute ritual.. blah blah blah“ but he never does. Big waste of time IMHO.

  4. I’m literally watching this now I am only needing to lose 30 lbs and I am desperate I weigh 160 and I am 36 years old I am 5’6 in height and have 4 children. I go to the gym 3 times a week I don’t eat really bad and I still can’t get this baby fat off from my 4th child. The 4th child put these 30 lbs of fat. It got my attention quick and I been listening for a long time and he still hasn’t said what the 2 min ritual would be…. omg
    Thank you for the break through

  5. After recently finishing breast cancer treatment I am on an estrogen reduction pill. Your video showed me they have a hormone balancing thing for estrogen and that worries me.

  6. Can you help me I bought this program a couple of weeks ago and ended up buying the whole program £160 worth which is a lot of money but I cant follow this program and I can’t find an email address to ask for a full refund like they promised in the video ….. help

  7. Ok, so sat and listened for freaking EVER to the original offer by Bruce. Apart from the fact that he just NEVER gets to the point, he contradicts himself by saying that this all happened to his Father-in-law and then part way through he is saying that Dr Heindrick gave HIM (Bruce) this program. After watching this (Nick) audio, the original is just a load of hype. Firstly, Bruce says that there are NO diets, NO exercises just a 2 min ritual….REALLY??? There may be SOME good advice in this program but it is VERY misleading.
    If this was given to him (Bruce) or his Father-in-law for free, why is he selling this and why is he stating that after years of research done by himself…..etc.? Like I said, very contradictory. Will pass on this…have no time for bullshit!!

  8. Thank you, Nick! Wonder what the product is about and you just have to buy and know later is not fair to consumers. Your partial screening of the product online is a glimpse for us to decide if it is worth it, 2 min or not to lose weight. Will think if it is worthwhile first as there are lots of weight loss exercises and diet smoothies available free, after listening to you. Good job in describing honestly without writing the product off! You have us enough info to decide. Thanks!

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